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The 3 steps to Solace.

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Step 1

Step 1Registration

Complete your registration instantly online. Or, you can print the form and mail it to us along with a Medical Document from your physician. If you need assistance at any point please call 1-844-976-5223.

Step 2

Step 2Forms

Download and print the Medical Document. Have your physician complete the form and mail or fax the original copy to 1-844-576-5223. Need help finding a doctor? Contact Solace Health Network.

Step 3

Step 3Verified

Once we receive and verify the documents above, you will receive a email notifying you that you are an official Solace Health patient and can begin shopping online or by phone.


We Have You Covered

If you need assistance obtaining a medical document, or are unsatisfied with your current authorization, please contact our patient support program, Solace Health Network at 1-844-873-7251 or by visiting Together with your medical history, we are happy to help you navigate cannabis therapy and access the right medications for you.

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