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Pax II (Basic Kit)


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The PAX 2 is similar to the original PAX, but with some major upgrades, making it even more powerful and discreet than before. This elegant yet powerful portable vaporizer has excellent vapor production, a powerful oven with four temperature settings, and the ability to produce thick vapor in less than 60 seconds. 

Extremely easy to operate, the PAX 2 utilizes a single control button concealed beneath the mouthpiece on the top of the unit, allowing the user to activate the device and cycle through temperature settings. The device can also communicate with the user via 4 LED ‘petal’ lights, capable of displaying heating status, temperature settings, and battery life. 

The PAX 2 is also equipped with lip sensing, motion sensing, and auto-cooling technology, actively optimizing power and temperature to improve the user experience and prolong battery life.

Primary Features of the PAX 2:
• Compatible with dry flower.
• Conduction heating.
• Approx. 50-60 seconds heating time.
• 3000mAh built-in rechargeable battery.
• 4 temperature settings.
• Easy to use, one-button operation.
• Lip-sensing, motion sensing, and auto-cooling technology.
• Magnetic USB charging dock.
• Limited manufacturer’s warranties.                                                              

• 98mm x 31mm x 22mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Temperature Range/Levels:
• 182°C - 216°C / 360°F - 420°F                                                                      

The PAX 2 Includes:
• 1 x PAX 2 device
• 1 x Magnetic oven lid
• 2 x Interchangeable mouthpieces (1 Flat, 1 Raised)
• 1 x USB charging dock
• 1 x Wire brush
• 10 x Pipe cleaners