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Pax 3 (Complete Kit)


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The PAX 3 vaporizer is where style and performance meet, creating one of the most sought-after handhelds on the market. An upgrade of the popular PAX 2, the PAX 3 not only boasts industry-leading heat technology, and even greater battery life, it now also has the capability to vaporize both dry flower and extracts. For portability, discretion, style, and vapor production, the PAX 3 is hard to beat. 

Extremely easy to operate, the PAX 3 utilizes a single control button concealed beneath the mouthpiece on the top of the unit, allowing the user to activate the device and cycle through the temperature settings. The device can also communicate with the user via 4 LED ‘petal’ lights, capable of displaying heating status, temperature settings, and battery life. The PAX 3 is also equipped with lip sensing, motion sensing, and auto-cooling technology, actively optimizing power and temperature to improve the user experience and prolong battery life. 

Another upgrade from the previous model, the PAX 3 is Bluetooth enabled and uses the PAX Mobile App (iOS and Android), providing the user the with greater options and precision. With the choice of pre-set temperature profiles or customized settings based on user preferences, the PAX 3 helps create a personalized experience session after session.

Primary Features of the PAX 3:
• Compatible with dry flower and concentrates.
• Conduction heating.
• High-polish anodized aluminium.
• Approx. 15-22 seconds heating time.
• 3500mAh built-in battery, providing approx. 5-10 sessions per charge.
• 4 pre-set temperature settings and optional temperature ‘session profiles’.
• Easy to use, one-button operation.
• Lip-sensing, motion sensing, and auto-cooling technology.
• Vibration feedback notifications.
• Bluetooth enabled, with adjustable temperature profiles, settings and more available through the PAX Mobile App.
• Magnetic USB charging dock.
• 10 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty.                                                    

• 98mm x 31mm x 22mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Temperature Range/Levels:
• 182°C - 216°C / 360°F - 420°F

The PAX 3 Includes:
• 1 x PAX 3 device
• 2 x Magnetic oven lids (Full-pack and Half-pack)
• 1 x Concentrate insert
• 1 x Magnetic USB charging dock
• 1 x Maintenance kit
• 3 x Replacement screens
• 2 x Replacement mouthpieces
• 1 x Multi-tool