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Drift No. 440 Vape Cartridge

Haven St.

80% THC

0% CBD

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Haven St. Drift No. 440 Vape Cartridge is pre-filled with a simple blend of cannabis extract and naturally derived terpenes for a premium experience.

THC: 800 mg/g

CBD: 0 mg/g

Aroma: Sweet, floral, earth

Strain: Granddaddy Purple

Approximately 160 doses at an average dose size of 2.5 mg

Compatible with most magnetic and 510 thread devices with a push button


Cannabis extract, flavouring agents

Each 0.5 g cartridge contains 400 mg of THC

Does not contain Vitamin E, propylene glycol, fillers or cutting agents.

Instruction Overview:

Haven St. Vape Cartridges are compatible with most magnetic and 510 thread devices with a push button.

This product contains two blue anti-leak caps for shipping purposes.  These caps, located on the top and bottom of the cartridge, must be removed and discarded prior to use. 

Instructions for use with magnetic vape devices: 

Haven St. Vape Cartridges are sold and packaged with a magnetic adapter.  Simply screw this magnetic adapter to the bottom of the cartridge and drop into your magnetic vape device.  

Instructions for use with 510 thread devices: 

Do not screw the magnetic adapter onto the bottom of the unit. Haven St. Vape Cartridges are manufactured with a thread that will directly screw into a 510 device.