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Arizer Air


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The Arizer Air is a simple yet effective portable dry herb vaporizer. It offers a sleek and sturdy design utilizing an anodized aluminum shell, as well as a variety of features including a glass vapor path, stainless steel chamber with ceramic heater, and an interchangeable battery. The Air uses a 5-colour temperature control system, allowing users to easily cycle through the 5 pre-set temperature settings and operate with ease. 

The detachable glass stem can be pre-filled and stored separately until it is time to use, and it makes emptying and cleaning the device much easier. The device warms up in 1-2 minutes and will offer approximately 60 minutes of continuous use per charge. It is worth noting that many portable vaporizers contain a built-in battery that will lose charge capacity over time.

This is where the Air has a real advantage by offering interchangeable batteries. It allows the user to replace the battery over time or keep fully charged spare batteries aside to be conveniently substituted at any time. 

Primary Features of the Arizer Air:
• Compatible with dry flower.
• Conduction heating.
• Glass mouthpiece and vapor path for smoother inhale.
• Replaceable/Rechargeable battery.
• Pass-through charging (can be charged while in use).
• Easy to operate and clean.
• Approx. 1-2 minute heating time.
• Approx. 60 minutes of continuous use per charge.
• Limited manufacturer’s warranties.

• 122mm x 29mm (Height x Diameter)

Temperature Range:
• 180°C - 210°C / 356°F - 410°F

The Arizer Air Includes:
• 1 x Air Vaporizer unit.
• 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery.
• 1 x Charger/Power adapter.
• 2 x Glass stems (1 All-Glass Tube and 1 Tipped Glass Tube).
• 2 x Silicone stem caps.
• 1 x Belt clip carrying case.
• 1 x Clear protective silicone skin.
• 1 x Stainless steel stirring tool.
• 1 x Glass aroma dish.